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Where : Zoom Online Meeting

When : 7pm, Upcoming Sunday 

Value offer: Get 30-day stock mastery workbook + Bank Nifty steady profit strategy as you register today

...because Systems Works, Emotions Fail

 Limited Seats : Quality Focus Trainings

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Specific Content Covered in Workshop

  • High Profit Bank Nifty Weekly Strategy & Implementation Steps

    • Sure & Safe Bank Nifty  Strategy  (rigorously live tested)

    • Perfect for both beginners + seasoned traders

    • Implement from week 1 to make profits.

  • Traders Psychology Toolkit.

  •  Techniques to identify & eliminate the 4 fears that ruin your profits 

    • Fear of Missing Out

    • Fear of Losing,

    • Fear of Leaving Money on the Table

    • Fear of Being Right

  • P2P Mind-shift technique for Long term success


  • Bonus Gift :

    • Analyse Your natural Strengths as a Trader to choose Trading style

    • Trading Strength Analyser Rapid Assessment 

    • Helps you in choosing the right style of trading aligned to your natural strengths.

Additional Concepts you will discover :

1.How to Stabilize and Steadily Scale up your Profits using a Step by Step method than a Big Win Big Fall mode ?

(Introduction to Spiralling technique)

2.What is the truthful & conscious approach to trading ?

(Form a new & health and beautiful relationship with your Trading Craft)

Know the deep Significance of Trading skills & the wonderful impact we the trading community makes on our nation's economy


3.How to blend the traditional success principles of trading with  cutting-edge mature technologies ?
(Art of Integrating  RPA (Robotic) technology with Successful trader's secret strategies)

4.How to implement the futuristic Algorithmic Trading in the right balanced way to your current trading toolkit ?

(How & Why of using the Algorithmic Trading Technique , and most importantly the right way to transition without making losses due to tech errors)


Bonus Topics Covered 

5.How to save and optimise your Total Trading Time on Desktop & Mobile ?

(Time Management Techniques for Next Gen Traders)

6.How to set Clear Trading Goals & achieve them faster ?
(Methods to set Sharp & Specific Goals in Trading Career and achieve them faster)

7.How to boost your Net Profit ?

(Tweaks & tips to add extra % to your net profit every quarter)

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Experience the 

Transparent, Truthful & Technology based

Approach to Stock Investing & Trading 

Key Benefits & Breakthrough you will get:

Experience being a truly consistent successful trader 

Consistent trader & not the one-time lottery trader is the only trader other people always look upto.

Without going through the emotional Stress,  Strain & Pain of everyday trading.

Learn how to trade without strain & stress to your body & mind

Get into a more relaxed ,automated and conscious way of Trading from now on

Without more hours looking at the mobile/computer screen

Explore, understand & blend the latest technology possibilities of NEW Age ROBOTIC trading into your Traders toolkit.

Without tons of technical indicators confusing you.

Authentic and Steady Way to achieve your financial dreams through Trading

Be the next gen trader that stands out from the crowd with his consistent profit trading habits.

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Know your Coach

Krishna Mohan

Seasoned Trader | Algorithm Expert |

Trained & transformed  over 1000s of students

Consulting Experience : Worked with McKinsey, Deloitte & Top Financial Investment firms in his career 

Education: IIT Kharagpur

NSE | BSE | Author |Certified Trainer

"Seeing consistent profit habits in my students is my only metric of success "

Krishna Mohan

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