Why the 5% always had 95% of world's wealth ?

Let us start with a classroom story :

Before conducting a class test, Professor Peter told his students that the mark distribution will be different this time . That is, he would evaluate each one’s performance and finally sum up everyone’s mark.

Then divide it equally between all of them. Students were not much bothered about this since it was their first such experience. As usual, the smart ones performed well, medium ones averaged and the tail-enders scored poor. And after averaging, everyone managed to get a pass mark.

But the next time, things got changed a lil bit. The top scorers thought in a different way. That even though if they study well, they’re getting something just around a pass mark. So its better not to study too hard, but to put as much effort as to score an average. Poor ones strategy were even worse. They thought like even if they don’t study anything, the others will earn for them too. So why to study.

The class average started to drop and the final "Equal Marks" everyone started dropping month after month.

This cumulative thoughts made the whole class perform poorer and poorer after each test and finally reached a level where the whole class managed to get a Zero.


No matter what we do to redistribute wealth equally ( Imagine a Money Game reset) within a short time frame the system breaks and move towards a natural state of inequality.

"Entropy is the price of structure" -Ilya Prigogine, Nobel laureate

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